Urban Haven Landscapes Inc.
Creating your personal urban haven is easier than you think.
We are a landscape carpentry company that creates customized spaces of detailed perfection with craftsmanship and integrity.
Born into a family of musicians, Alan’s life has been characterized by both practice and creativity in the arts since his first cello lessons at age four. Today, after having graduated from a prestigious music high school and successfully completed a degree at the Schulich School of Business (that he had originally entered to be able to pursue a career in record label management), he finds himself following an almost entirely divergent path: custom carpentry.

In spite of all his varied creative interests, Alan is far more at home in the big outdoors than he is in the dark confines of a music studio. Delight in the sun, the wind and the satisfaction that comes from creating something with one’s own hands – things that seemed to be inherited –were enough to draw Alan into summer jobs from which he would gain experience and develop a passion. Though he has spent considerable time on many different aspects of a residential construction project, it was working with wood that drew him in, demanding patience and refined skills to attain perfection.

Alan attributes his current path in large part to the mentoring he received from the project manager at a well-known Toronto design/build firm,who happened to also be a master carpenter. While it was not a formal apprenticeship, it often felt that way. Of course, as his interest in pursuing a career in music waned, the focus of his business studies shifted accordingly to accommodate his growing sense of entrepreneurship. He is currently in the midst of completing a Certificate in Landscape Design at Ryerson University.
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